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We believe sustainability starts with growing together as a community.


Our mission is to empower Arizona's economy to rise together as leaders for change. We support a sustainable and ethical fashion industry by nurturing connections with Arizona brands, fashion and environmental organizations, consumers, and other stakeholders that embrace sustainability.


Our vision is to inform, educate and inspire individuals locally and globally, through the power of highlighting and connecting Arizona's local sustainable apparel brands, fashion creatives, and influencers that demonstrate social justice and ethical principles.



Stella ABRIL

President & Chair

Sustainable apparel encompasses ethical, fair trade, green and clean product life-cycle, on-demand, custom-made, made-to-order, tailor-made, DIY, bespoke, high quality design, timeless design, traditional production, artisan crafts, animal rights, repair, redesign, upcycle, rent, lease, swap, vintage, pre-loved, secondhand, and hand-me-down.


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Stella Abril is a Latina inspirational motivator, eco-preneuer and blogger. Stella is a full time Project Manager for a Data and Technology company.  She gently empowers people to choose their impact and make conscious choices.

She became fully committed to sustainable fashion with the firm belief that each of us has the power to make a change. She serves as a Good Human Founding Member, Fashion Revolution City Lead for Phoenix, Arizona and a Remake Ambassador. She is dedicated to sharing knowledge and resources and using her voice to educate and create awareness.

She is currently the President & Chairman of Arizona Sustainable Apparel Association, Community Leader, wife and last but not least, Mom. She is a phenomenal mother of 3 amazing little women that happen to be the driving force and reason for her to continue making an impact. She continuously reinforces love and acceptance while serving as the backbone to her family unit and community. Stella is humble and passionate and always looking for ways to give more of herself to build those around her.   

“I wear my values by setting an example for my children and those around me with each choice I make and empowering others with information to make conscious choices now and in the future.”


Stella ABRIL

President & Chair



executive director

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Madeline Dolgin is a higher educational professional and an advocate for sustainable fashion. She first learned about the human rights and environmental issues caused by the fashion industry during her undergraduate degree at NYU. During her academic studies she was exposed to the harmful effects of fabric dyes, sweatshop conditions, and excessive clothing waste. 


Determined to be more sustainable, Madeline began using her basic sewing skills to upcycle old clothing into new creations and launched her own upcycled fashion business called Healing Seams. Through her brand, she raises awareness around the environmental and human issues within the fashion industry by showcasing designs at fashion shows and pop-up shops in Arizona. 


Ethical and sustainable fashion has inspired Madeline in various ways throughout her life serving as a career, side-hustle, and hobby. She continues to find innovative and empowering ways to incorporate this passion into her lifestyle. As her concerns about climate change and passion for sustainability deepened, Madeline began a Masters Degree in Natural Resource Management with an emphasis on Sustainable Business. She is currently researching the connections between agriculture and clothing through natural regenerative biodegradable materials.

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Illiana Mata-Gonzalez is an aspiring entrepreneur, creator, and innovator. She is passionate about finding ways to reduce the carbon footprint for herself and those around her. In April 2018, Illiana participated in ASU’s Poder program and took first place in the entrepreneurship program funded by Cisco. The goal was to solve community issues, employ personal success strategies, and use technology to maximize a positive impact on the world. She has been on a mission to find a solution to negative environmental impacts in the environmental technology space ever since.

Illiana holds dual roles as Vice President of compliance and Secretary for the Phoenix chapter of Prospanica. She was a critical advisor in building the board from the ground up and directly contributing to the overall success.

Illiana is an impactful influencer in the vegan community and is a self proclaimed crusader for human and environmental rights.

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Eartha Hubbell.jpeg

Eartha Hubbell, the owner and founder of Revari. Revari is an online boutique dedicated to sustainable, fair trade, and ethically made fashion. Eartha started Revari after working in the fashion industry for years and learning more about the major negative impact fast fashion has on the environment and people.

After educating herself on the fashion supply chain and the environmental impact of textiles, Eartha could no longer turn a blind eye to the adverse effects of fast fashion and decided to combine her two passions of fashion and the environment together to create Revari.

Revari is all about sharing stories behind artisans and sustainable brands so people can feel closer and more connected to who makes their clothing.

The clothing and accessories sold on Revari are sourced from brands all around the world with the goal of inspiring people to make a change, no matter how big or how small, to live a more eco-friendly and socially conscious life.


eartha hubbell



Omni Nunez


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Omni Nunez is an Arizona State University graduate with a passion for sustainable and ethical practices within the fashion industry.

During her time at Arizona State, she found joy in coordinating fundraising events to bring awareness and inform others. She volunteers at Dress for Success Phoenix, an organization that helps women in our community find their confidence to become successful and strive. Omni has coordinated the annual Dress for Success Fashion Show, which showcased the skills of 10+ ASU School of Fashion students. Through this event, they proved you can repurpose just about anything.

Omni is the oldest of her 5 siblings, and takes pride in being the best role model she can be for them. She encourages a positive attitude no matter the circumstances, and is passionate about making an impact on others.

Omni is currently working on a project that will incorporate our current social media platforms to raise awareness on sustainability and ethical fashion to every demographic.

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VP OF marketing

Adriana Bachmann is a corporate communications professional by day and green lifestyle blogger by night. Having struggled with her mental health since childhood, Adriana began her journey to recovery last year. At the beginning of this journey, she became acutely aware that she was missing something very important in her life: spirituality.


During her recovery, Adriana reconnected with the earth’s healing powers and found spiritual comfort in the idea that we are all connected. Soon after realizing this, Adriana decided to pursue an Ecospirituality Coach certification, hoping to practice mindful eco-therapy techniques with future clients to help in their personal healing journeys. She currently explores the connection between mind, body, and earth on her blog Earth Momma in Training.


Knowing that our planet does so much for our physical and mental health, Adriana is determined to take care of it in return. This idea has drawn her to the sustainability world, along with practicing and promoting sustainable fashion practices. After learning about the many detrimental impacts the fast fashion industry has on our environment and basic human rights, Adriana is determined to spread awareness far and wide.

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maja peirce


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Threading between a multitude of mediums, Maja Peirce enjoys informing the public as a journalist while creating a cohesive artistic vision. She is currently a student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University where she is pursuing her career in sustainable and up-cycled fashion journalism.​

Peirce started journalism working at The Sonoran News where she reported local stories centered in Cave Creek, AZ and working as a videographer at The State Press. She became interested in sustainable fashion from a young age by thrifting and upcycling clothing.

She is now the Creative Director of The Chic Mag where she writes articles on sustainable fashion and social justice, directs photography, and designs spreads for the magazine. She is passionate about telling stories of environmental and social justice efforts through her love of art, fashion, and design. 

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Adrienne Cota is first generation, born and raised, Mexicana from San Diego, and moved to Phoenix in the Fall of 2019. Her work in Higher Education for over twelve years was her reason to relocate to the desert lands of the Valley. And to her delight, she discovered the natural beauty that surrounds the city. From the White Mountain tops of Pinetop to the Salt River that flows near her backyard. Adrienne has discovered that Arizona is not just an arid land, but a breath-taking landscape of peaks and vegetation all underneath a kaleidoscope sky. The most magnificent sunrises and sunset she has ever seen. She began her journey unattached to any one thing, except for her work, of course, and she allowed for the spirit of Arizona to guide her. In just a few months after she moved to AZ, she began to seek different organizations and causes she can become a part of, like urban farming and sustainable living. One of the most rewarding experiences was when she volunteered for Urban Farming Education alongside Agave Farms in Phoenix to feed families that were impacted by the pandemic. She and a crew of other conscious individuals assembled hundreds of boxes, packed thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables, and distributed them to families in need. And through that beautiful experience, her network began to expand to now Arizona Sustainable Apparel Association. Adrienne is human kindness with a collective consciousness of mind, body, and spirit. Her 20+ years of Yoga practice opened her eye to her place in the world and how with just one small gesture of kindness and giving back to others and our planet, we can make a huge difference. Her energy is infectious!

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Kate Hartland is a Masters of Sustainability Solutions student at Arizona State University. She previously attended the University of Kansas, where she received her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and Journalism. Kate has experience with creative writing, social media management and content creation, and marketing and communications. She hopes to combine her background in storytelling and content creation with her sustainability education in order to advocate for equity and educate the public. Kate is particularly interested in intersectionality, climate justice and the sustainability opportunities that the fashion industry presents. When Kate is not studying or working as a Program Assistant for ASU's Sustainable Cities Network, she is reading, doing Pilates or yoga, baking something inspired by the Great British Baking Show or sewing up a new garment. She loves to connect with and gain inspiration from others who are also on a slow fashion journey. ​


Kate hartland

social media director